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Admission competence test

A part of admission to gymnasium is a student cognitive abilities test. The test lasts approximately 60 minutes and is completed online. The exam is completed in English and measures four important competencies: 


  • verbal reasoning – thinking with words 

  • quantitative-numerical perception 

  • non-verbal abstract thinking 

  • spatial ability & figure recognition 

    Based on the evaluation of the test, we will provide an individual consultation regarding the suitability of the study. 

    If the results are satisfactory, it will then be possible to enroll in grammar school. 

    The admission including the competence test is charged at CZK 12 000, which can be sent to account 311889556 / 0300 or paid in cash when visiting the school. The amount includes passing the test, its evaluation and subsequent consultation with the school principal. 
    After confirming the date and time of test with school admission office you can come to Leonardo da Vinci Academy to take the test. You are requested to bring your own laptop or tablet. We will send you the results of the text by e-mail, or we will hand over immediately on the spot and arrange a subsequent individual consultation. 

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