Silvia Vezzuto

Born in 1970 in Italy, where she studied fashion design, then illustration , graphic, and in the university of Bologna graduated in artistic disciplines

she began teaching drawing in 1986 for the children in church school, in 89 he taught for the Euromoda school, figure, fashion design and history of art

In Italy she collaborates with famous architects and artists. Then she specialises in frescoes, collaboration for years with the atelier Mariani Affreschi.

Love bring her in Prague in 1997,where she find the right inspiration and costumer to carry out her artistic projects.

From Prague her works were distributed in the rest of the wordier commercial use or for private collection.

In her atelier she gives private lessons in art and artistic techniques, and many of her students today exhibit, have their studies, and career connected artistic activity.

In 2018 she opened a new artistic place in Prague: ARTTOGETHER by Silvia Vezzuto, where she want link art to everyday life, give every one the chance to discover their creativity, connect fun and art moment and positive in people’s life.

Teaching is a passion, a mission, because by stimulating the aesthetic spirit and creative abilities of students, it helps them to face life and its problems In a creative and constructive way. The history of art helps to a better understand society and the human attitude.

Teaching is a way for Silvia Vezzuto to contribute to building a better future

hunger to learn so they could reach the best possible results and to approach their studies with joy.

Darja is thrilled to be a part of Leonardo da Vinci Academy and is looking forward to sharing the love of teaching with her students and co-workers.