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Our Values

The name Leonardo V. was selected to best define and characterize our free "Renaissance" school. Maestro da Vinci became famous as a versatile Renaissance figure: in addition to being a great painter, he was also a sculptor, architect, naturalist, musician, writer, inventor and designer. He also played an important role in emphasizing animal rights, which probably was related to his preference for a vegetarian diet. Nowadays, sustainability and an ecological approach to our planet are important trends. While we do not have to be inventors, we should strive to understand nature, the role of mankind in it and related social responsibility. This is connected with a general cultural outlook and holistic approach.

In the Renaissance, society was built on basic values or so called „virtues“

These timeless values ​​are the pillars of the Leonardo V. Academy:

SOFIA, SAPIENTIA: Wisdom - Education – Experience – Study – Research – Development – Conscience

We face challenges, we believe, we learn. We find mistakes to be a learning tool. We learn all our lives, we are creative, we are inspired, and we have ambitions to achieve our goals.

ANDREIA, FORTITUDO: Strength - Bravery - ability to control weaknesses - courage - honor - consideration

We stand for what we believe. We tell the truth. We behave fairly.

SOPHROSYNE, TEMPERANTIA: Temperance - moderation - wisdom- making the best use of one's own resources, combining skills to achieve a great result - determination – self-drive. We are prudent and support critical thinking.

DIKAIOSYNE, JUSTITIA: Justice - harmony - balance, social empathy, upholding the law — respect —cooperation and compassion.  We are friendly members of the community who are responsible for their actions. We actively contribute to the proper functioning of the world; we are considerate of the values ​​and culture of others. We respect nature and protect it.

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