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In cooperation with Karolina Bosáková from the Happy Hearts Czech Foundation, we are launching a philanthropic project "HELPING OURSELVES"  at our school. The project will be launched by students Noa Velik, Bedřiška Indrová, Sára Komárová, Eva Sekyrová. They will gradually present in each class what is the goal of our project "Let's help each other".

Student activities: students will contribute to the new philanthropic library, archive, perform good deeds, which they will write on the school's shared board. They are preparing interviews with famous philanthropists Karel Janecek, Zdeňka Žádníková, Lilija Khoustnoutdinová and Kamila Bosáková on the topic of philanthropy.

The whole programme will be in the spirit of interactive engagement and the idea of philanthropy and mutual aid.


We are looking forward to the experience together.

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