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Zdenka Žadniková

actress and musician, teacher, lecturer of rhetoric courses

"Every child enters the first grade with eagerness, a desire to learn and get to know each other. I don't know exactly when that tipping point comes when it changes and the enthusiasm replaces the face with a pickled face "Do I really have to go there?".  But I know from my fourfold experience why it happens. It has to do with the personality of the teacher. With his courage to try new pedagogical methods, with his empathy, kindness and at the same time with so much unpopular consistency. Being a good and motivating teacher is equal to the position of a successful crisis manager. And having such teachers at school is like winning the lottery. In the lottery that we parents play with our children at the same time. Let our school be a win for you and your children.”

Jaroslav Svecený

a famous violinist






Partner organizations:



Happy Hearts Czech

The Happy Hearts Czech Foundation builds safe schools in areas affected by natural disasters.




Be Charity

It helps long-term sick children or otherwise disadvantaged people.





Zdenka Žadniková Foundation Fund

Beautifies the environment of hospital facilities with therapeutic paintings and poetry. 





Vitra company

Supplier of office furniture.

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