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School Tuition

  • Tuition fees can be paid either annually (once per academic year) or per-semester (three payments per academic year). 

  • Tuition fees are stated in CZK/€ for one academic year (10 months). Semester payments are due by May 31st 2024,

       September 1st 2024, and December 1st.


  • Our tuition fees cover the payment for the provision of education, additional English language instruction, learning support for those who need it, and the provision of care. 

  • Tuition does not apply to school lunches, transportation, school trips, and elective afternoon classes.

  • The one-time enrollment fee is 12,000 CZK and includes all costs associated with admission in school. In case that the student will not be accepted to our school, we refund 50 % of the admission fee.

Tuition fees can be paid in EUR - according to the current exchange rate.

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